Our Story


The Humanity Projects got its start when its two co-founders, Bakir Dzananovic and Ibrahim Chaudhry, at the time just a college student and a recent graduate, had an insane aspiration to go change the world. They took the initiative to reach out to a local organization and organize an impromptu trip to provide aid in Haiti. The collaborating organization allowed them to dorm in their rented facility in Haiti, but all other expenses and plans were up to them. After raising only a few hundred dollars each from their families and friends, they hopped on a Spirit Airlines flight to the city of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. From there, they started a grassroots effort visiting multiple orphanages, understanding firsthand the needs of the Haitian orphans, and donating everything they had along the way. By the end, they realized that their philanthropic journey had just begun. Another trip had to be taken, but this time with a bigger goal in mind.

Once Bakir and Ibrahim returned to the U.S., they rallied a few of their close friends to organize a new humanitarian project in Haiti. After months of fundraising and research, a group of 10 friends flew out to Haiti and sponsored the building of a well in one of Port-au-Prince’s most water-scarce neighborhoods. This well is still in operation and provides clean drinking water to an orphanage of 75 children and thousands of others in the community on a daily basis.

Once the group returned to the U.S., they were still inspired by the difference they made, the people they impacted, and knew that they needed to transform their small projects into a long-term aid effort. And so, The Humanity Projects was born. The Humanity Projects is a registered non-profit organization both within the State of Illinois as well as federally. The Humanity Projects became recognized as a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit organization in April 2017.

Since then, we have given aid and resources to people domestically and internationally. We appreciate all your support and prayers to continue improving lives.