Why Us?

The Humanity Projects strives to provide long term and sustainable solutions in order to have residual effects in communities long after we are gone. The focus is to provide education and support to help the people and facilitate them to become leaders and pillars for their own community. This is achieved by creating educational and professional programs to allow community members to first become self-sufficient, and then develop the capacity to help others.

Our relief efforts are focused on creating a sustainable system that will uplift communities in an extremely efficient and cost effective manner. Our model is centered around leasing facilities, using local talent to remodel, furnish, and sustain them, and then establish schools. We then implement an educational system and provide medical supplies and food support until the community becomes self-sufficient.

Our long-term goal revolves around helping the people we interact with have happy, productive lives and become contributing members of their society. Our focus is to provide results that are tangible and sustainable rather than only for emergency relief.